Monday, April 25, 2011

Ways to maintain a healthy and sexy relationship

There are so many ways to maintain a healthy and sexy relationship with the person you are with, no matter who they are. Here are some ways that will help. Give your ideas that help make your relationship better.

*Make sex last
*Boost intimacy
*Stimulate your G-spot
*Make mornings hotter
*Connect Deeply
*Cheer him up
*Snag more compliments
*Reclaim romance
*Have stronger romance
*End a fight
*Up your in-the-buff confidence

Friday, April 22, 2011

Spicing up foreplay

Sex is an all important thing in our lives. I know you want to improve things in the bedroom. I know I love it when things are not always the same all the time. Here are some ways to spice up the foreplay and make it that much better. Hope you guys and gals comment on how you keep it better and spice it up.

  1. Softly whisper how hot and excited you are into your lover’s ear
  2. Tenderly stroke, caress and kiss an exposed part of your lover’s body
  3. Expose your bum and allow your lover to give you a sensual spanking
  4. Orally pleasure an exposed erogenous zone - Kiss, lick, suck and nibble it
  5. Perform a sensual, relaxing or erotic massage – your lover’s choice
  6. Apply hot breaths to warm your lover’s crotch
  7. Use your tongue to stroke out loving or sexy words on your lover’s back
  8. Use your finger tips to massage your lover’s head and neck
  9. Pretend to have a wild and intense orgasm – put on a sexy show
  10. Massage each of your lover’s toes using oil, cream or lube
  11. If exposed, oral pleasuring in any position your lover chooses
  12. Select a sex toy and describe how you will pleasure your lover with it
  13. Stimulate your lover with a sex toy (visual stimulation counts)
  14. Lightly drag your nails down your lover’s back in different patterns
  15. Use a feather to tickle your lover’s face, neck and ears

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Lie down on your side and hold onto your penis with the “Backhand” grip. Roll over further and brace your hand against the bed, and thrust your penis in and out of your hand. This closely mimics the movements of intercourse. It’s a very different feeling to masturbate by moving your pelvis rather than your hand. It’s also fun to put your other hand down and feel your scrotum moving back and forth as you pump in and out of the “vagina.”

Monday, April 4, 2011

Where to meet new people

There are so many ways to meet new people instead of the traditional bar scene. Here are some other places that I have thought about that might help.

Cultural events

Foreign countries associations

Civic Groups, spiritual / religious groups, political groups, charity groups

Barbecues, Block Parties, Festivals, Picnics

Jewelry stores, shows, wholesale jewelry shows

Health Club, Gym

Dance class

Health food store


Saturday, April 2, 2011


This one may be as old as the one-room schoolhouse. It gets at the kink so often found with regard authority figures. She can be the strict algebra teacher and you the struggling student…or you the professor and her the desperate co-ed willing to do anything to have her grade changed.